mobi.D | usb stylus 4GB for iPhone, iPad, Smartphones and tablets (Only available at fancyGearBox!)

mobi.D | usb stylus 4GB
mobillity and style

3-in-1 mini capacitive stylus pen
Ballpoint USB flash drive hand tablet pen
The ultimate usb pen for your iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets
Works on iPhone, iPad and all capacitive touch screens

  • Only available at fancyGearBox!
  • 3 in 1 Function - USB Flash drive function, smooth & round stylus end, useful and sensitive at any angle, another end is designed with ball-point pen function.
  • When combined with Apps such as SketchBook, iAnnotate and Penultimate, it allows you to create, annotate and capture your ideas with a smooth touch tip
  • Built-in ballpoint pen offers a comfortable grip
  • Soft and durable comfortable grip
  • Integrated capped pen, perfect for taking paper notes
  • Soft tip glides smoothly across the iPad screen leaving no marks or fingerprints
  • Navigate your touch screen with greater accuracy
  • Works on all capacitive touch screens

Size: 124.5 mm x 13.6 mm
Weight:30 g

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